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A Young Entrepreneur With

6 years in the pest industry

Chad Louk has worked for several national pest control companies over the years and saw first-hand what it took to excel in the pest control industry. What he also saw within these big name companies was that the ball was being dropped in detail and customer service. From this experience, Chad and his team have been able to find the balance between successful growth, quality service, and customer bliss.

Prodigy Pest Solutions competes with, and surpasses the largest companies around with attention to detail and offering a complete service that can't be found with the other guys.

A Message From The Owner
Chad Louk

I love what I do here at Prodigy Pest Solutions. For me, pest control isn't just about getting rid of the bugs. It's about providing safety and comfort for families. It's about giving you your home back.

Our team is 100% committed to the safety and happiness of all our amazing customers. We have experienced technicians who will be respectful of your time, sensative to your situation, and attentive to your needs.

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